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  • It kept us Safe

    We used this during our wedding and it kept everyone safe. We found 3 staffs that tested positive. Luckily we caught it in the morning of the event. Thank you Getein for keeping us safe! - Marissa

  • We Figured out what was wrong.

    Our baby Pablo had high fever 2 nights, we had him tested thru a PCR and it came out negative. We thought it was Dengue until we tried the UTI test, to our surprise it came out positive and the hospital test that same night showed and confirmed UTI. Had we not tested him that night, we would not have thought about it. - Jem

  • Post Confirmation

    After our daughter tested postive for UTI we wanted to make sure she was no longer infected. We used MD UTI Home Test for a few days until it came out negative just to be sure. - Tessa

  • Ang galing Accurate!

    I tested positive sa bahay when I caught a fever, luckily I found out before I could spread it. It came out positive, nagpa PCR ako and confirmed. Isolate ako until I got negative results. - Fern

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