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Facts About MOHS DIAGNOSTICS Home Test Kits

MD One Step SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Home Test 

With no cure for the COVID-19 virus, testing for the virus is still needed to prevent its spread. One Step SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self-Test by Getein Biotech is Philippine FDA-approved and RITM-validated for home use without the need for a prescription.  
One Step Antigen Self-Test gives results in 15 minutes, with highly accurate results. Test results have been validated with 100 percent specificity and 96.43 percent sensitivity which has enabled it to get approval for home use in Europe, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is the first antigen self-test kit (nasal swab) to get Coronavirus Test Device Approvals (CTDA) approval from the UK.
The Antigen Self-Test Kit contains:
- Test kit
- Extraction tube with buffer solution
- Sterile swab
- Biohazard sample bag
- User manual

MD Dengue Home Test Kit

Dengue is globally prevalent and cases have grown dramatically over the years. The disease is present in many countries. There is still no specific treatment for dengue, but early detection can lead to clinical interventions that aid in preventing complications and death.
Dengue fever mimics the symptoms of numerous diseases like COVID-19, requiring the need for a definitive testing kit to determine its presence.

MD Dengue Home Test Kit provides a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Dengue Virus NS1 Antigen and lgG/IgM antibodies using just 2 drops of blood. Within 15 minutes of processing time, a patient can know whether they have dengue or not. It is able to detect the presence of the dengue virus in human whole blood samples.

Early detection of the dengue virus is crucial in making sure that appropriate treatment for patients will be provided. Another reason is to prevent a potential dengue outbreak in a community.
The Dengue Home Test Kit contains:
- Test kit
- Lancet
- Buffer
- Manual
- Alcohol pad

MD UTI Self-Test Kit

Traditionally, a person has to go to a clinic and submit their urine sample and would have to wait for several hours before the results come out. A doctor needs a urinalysis result coming from a licensed Medical Technologist from a laboratory to confirm the infection.
While the old method is accurate, it is time-consuming and costly, especially for those who suffer from frequent UTIs.
The Vansful MOHS Diagnostics Urinary Tract Infection Self-Test Kit makes UTI detection faster and more convenient. It does not require a prescription to use.
It is US FDA-approved, and tests nitrites, leukocytes, and pH levels with accuracy. In just 1 minute, you can already find out if you have a UTI or not.
The kit contains 2 test strips and a foil pouch with test result interpretation.
After the test comes out positive, you need to consult a doctor immediately so the proper antibiotics can be prescribed. An untreated infection can cause serious havoc on the kidneys.
The portable UTI test kit results should be shown to your doctor.