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Arkana Unitone Neuro Cream 50ml

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Product Description

A neuro cream suitable for all skin types, reducing the look of discolouration and uneven skin tone! Our Arkana Unitone Neuro Cream with a dermocosmetic formula is an innovative combination of powerful active ingredients normalizing skin pigmentation. 

It targets the root of the problem, brightening post-inflammatory, hormonal, post-sun, and vascular discoloration. It can be applied both after professional brightening procedures in beauty clinics, and as an at-home treatment that evens out the skin color.

Infused with β-White™, this cream swiftly reduces melanogenesis, visibly brightening the skin in just 4 weeks. Enhanced with Tranexamic acid for pigmentation prevention, it's especially recommended after intense exfoliation. Its light formula makes it suitable for sensitive and capillary skin.

How to use it

Ideal formula for all-year application – even under make-up. We recommend applying it with a Sun Protect Cream SPF 50+ (as an additional booster). This cream is compatible with Unitone Forte-C Elixir.


  • Irritated skin
  • Atopic skin
  • Oedema and redness
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Skin with disrupted microbiota
  • Skin prone to hyperpigmentation (hormonal, post-inflammatory, post-sun, or vascular)
  • Adolescent acne and adult acne
  • Prophylaxis of changes after antibiotic treatments
  • Preparation for IPL and laser therapies (photorejuvenation,
  • After dermaesthetic peels