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Fluorescence Immuno Assay Analyzer

The Wiz FIA Analyzer is a top-tier medical equipment designed for precise immunochromatographic testing. Utilizing advanced technologies, it combines colloidal gold or fluorescent markers with samples to form immune complexes, providing reliable qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Detection: Employs colloidal gold, latex, and fluorescence immunochromatography kits for a broad range of testing capabilities.
  • Sensitive and Precise: The intensity of light absorption in the test and control regions is proportional to the complex concentration, ensuring accurate results.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies the testing process, converting complex chemical reactions into easy-to-understand electrical signals.

Highly Versatile:

  • Wide Scope of Application: Suitable for various medical and research settings, it's ideal for analyzing specific colloidal gold, latex, and fluorescence immunochromatography reagents.
  • Robust and Reliable: Built to deliver consistent performance, enhancing the efficiency of medical diagnostics.

Ideal for Medical Professionals: The Wiz FIA Analyzer is an essential tool for healthcare facilities seeking to advance their diagnostic capabilities, particularly in immunological assessments.

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